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Orchard Juice LTD is a company incorporated in Kenya that was founded in 1995. The business establishment operated as Orchard Juice Under the business act for 13 Years before changing its status to a limited company in 2008 under the company act of Kenya. The company specializes in processing and sale of fresh fruit juices.

We are committed to serving you the best quality, naturally extracted, and satisfying beverages. As for our services, we guarantee you an all-star serving. Our standards remains top-notch. 

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We are dedicated to processing & supplying healthy beverages at reasonable prices to all people of different walks of life.


The vision of orchard is to always be the leading company in production and supplying of healthy essential Nbeverages.

Our Core Values

Goal Oriented – We are committed to achieving the goals set. We believe in focusing on the end result at all times and look at the process as only a means to get there.

Customer Oriented – We believe in partnership and not a buyer/seller relationship. We understand our customer needs completely in order to serve them in the most effective manner.

Team Oriented – “No man is an island” We strongly believe that we can achieve superior results with team work hence our organization culture encourages and rewards team work.


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