Stable rural and urban development requires jobs for the growing number and proportion of young people in the coming decades. Mechanization in food systems presents both opportunities for productivity and employment. We believe human resource is key to any company and as such, we take our employee with utmost concern to ensure the have a conducive environment.

Areas of Impact to our employees:

1. Gender Equality, youth and social inclusion: Gender and other social differences such as age, wealth and ethnicity, have an enormous influence upon the success of agricultural interventions. To ensure equitable impacts and benefits to rural people, we emphasize on inclusive research and development interventions. Starting with the collection of data on gender and social differences, efforts are underway to address these gaps and ensure equitable adoption of technologies and practice. This includes working towards gender-equitable control of productive assets and resources; technologies that reduce women’s labour; and improved capacity of women and youth to participate in decision-making.

2. Decent Jobs: We are providing jobs for over 100 employees; 80% women, 75% youth in strict compliance with the set renumeration guidelines including the minimum wage.

3. Training, counselling and capacity building: Every year, Orchard Juice Limited trains tens of thousands of farmers, farmhands, and technicians on techniques and practices for food safety, nutrition, health and resource conversation. In contrast to formal academic training, most of the training activities are hands-on and highly specialized. Topics include practices to preserve nutrients, genetic diversity, climate change adaptation and safer food processing. We have weekly sessions to offer the much-needed psychosocial support. We invest in our employees in areas such as leadership, food safety management, quality management, occupational health and safety, good manufacturing practices (GMPs), nutrition and health.

4. Financial literacy and management: We offer training and have supported employees to setup a savings and credit scheme to meet their development goals.